Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CJC Events Calendar is Up and Running!


Today, I finally finished work on the new CJC Events Calendar, which is now live on our CJC website. There are several ways to access the calendar of upcoming events:
  1. You can peruse the dept. homepage calendar and click on any date that is highlighted in blue to see what cjc events are scheduled for that day:
  2. You can click on the 'Events' link on the left-hand side of the dept. homepage to go directly to our expanded events calendar page. This page lists all upcoming events, in addition to providing a detailed description of each event:
  3. You may also see the full UMKC event calendar at: . From there, you can also see any cjc events that have been listed on the UMKC calendar page.
Be sure to check this calendar often for any events related to the CJC Department, as well as student organizations that are sponsored by the CJC Department (Criminal Justice Club or National Criminal Justice Honor Society). We will post meetings, guest-speakers, films, various events, information about the CJC career expo, and anything else that may be pertinent.

If any students, faculty, staff, or community members wish to notify the CJC department of any upcoming events that may be appropriate for our calendar, I encourage you to submit those events/requests to our department at or . If we find it to be suitable for our calendar, we may post it!

As always, comments or suggestions about the site or blog are encouraged!


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