Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New CJC Website...

So, after spending some much needed time learning how to modify a website and mustering up the courage, I've finally made some major changes to the Criminal Justice and Criminology website. The department (or at least a few of us) wanted to add a little pizzaz and more informative content to the website. Hopefully, we've accomplished this goal. Some of the changes we've made include:
  • A rotating photo slideshow on the department homepage. These photos, which are subject to change throughout the year, will document university/department/student events, as well as general themes/issues related to criminal justice and criminology.
  • Links (from the department homepage) to our department facebook page, as well as our department blog. These have been added to broaden our communicative efforts directed at students, as well as members of the community and/or justice system agencies that have an interest in criminal justice related topics.
  • Additional (and more specific) content regarding our BA and MS degree programs. Our goal here is to target existing or potential students. By providing them with more comprehensive information about our department and what they can do with a BA/MS degree, we are hoping to promote interest in the program and offer another avenue for recruitment and retention of students.
  • In advising CJC undergrad students, I've found that many have interest in participating in field internships as part of their BA degree program. In this regard, I felt it was important to provide more information about internship opportunities, as well as various resources with respect to internships. Many students don't seem to know where to turn for help, who to turn to, or they don't know what to look for. As a result, I created a separate 'Internship' page that provides students with information and resources about internships in criminal justice and criminology.
  • Similarly, I created a new 'Career' page to provide students with information related to careers in three of the most common areas of criminal justice and criminology; law enforcement, courts, and corrections. This page includes links to local, state, federal, and private employers, as well as information about careers that may result from obtaining a BA or MS in criminal justice and criminology.
  • We've also updated our 'CJC Department News' page to include news/updates about a) students in our program, b) faculty in our department, or c) miscellaneous materials.
  • A new page was also created  called 'Student Involvement'. This page contains information about our CJC Club. This student-run organization arranges and sponsors various events, guest speakers, movies, field trips, etc. related to criminal justice and criminology. The page also contains information about student participation in our local chapter of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society (MuMu). Students who are interested in becoming a part of this chapter can find relevant information or links to department advisors here.
  • Finally, I've created a new page called 'Events'. While this page is not yet up and running, it is in its final development stages. In this regard, our website will soon have a calendar embedded which will display all upcoming CJC events. Look for this to be implemented in the next few weeks.

As a final word on our website, I encourage any and all who are interested to ask questions, provide comments, or make recommendations about our CJC website. Peruse and enjoy... then let us know what we can do to make the site better.

Thanks for visiting!


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